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CareView (Windows)

CareView is used to search the billing database using almost any set of criteria imaginable (i.e. "Find all patients over age 65 that have been billed code xxxx with a diagnosis of yyyy and have not been seen for at least 6 months".) Criteria can be connected using boolean algebra. The resulting data can be exported to spreadsheet packages such as Excel© or Lotus 123© for further study. In addition, this data can also be exported to most statistical packages for graphing and other high level statistics. Specific sets of search criteria, as well as the populations derived from these searches, can be saved for future use.

Main Window
Searching made simple...

The search criteria and associated report items can be assembled quickly and easily with a few mouse clicks. Your search criteria are shown in a simple to read format and, if you're technically inclined, you can view and edit your search's associated SQL statement directly.

CareView (DOS)

Like it's Windows-based cousin, the DOS version of CareView makes researching your billing database a breeze. Construction of search templates is quick and easy and boolean algebra allows you to build very powerful search criteria.

Main Window
Data analysis at your finger tips...

To search your database, you first use CareView to create aTemplate which defines the search criteria and the data to be extracted for this search.

The resulting data from any search can be viewed on screen, printed, saved to an ASCII file (for word processing purposes), saved to a .WKS file for use in Lotus 123 or Excel, or saved in a .DIF file for use with your favourite spreadsheet or database software.

You can also use this export feature to send your data to any statistical package that accepts .DIF files to do statistical analysis or graphical charting.


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