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(Québec & New Brunswick)

CareBiller (DOS)

CareBook (DOS)


CareOffice (Québec & New Brunswick)

CareOffice from Carefile® Medical Systems is an integrated package of our CareBiller and CareBook modules. It provides a complete electronic billing system fully integrated with a very easy to use and full-featured appointment scheduling system. Full patient and doctor databases are also included.

The Québec version fully supports Régie requirements including the new 'Rémunération Mixte' forms.

CareOffice is also available in a version specifically tailored for the New Brunswick market and fully supports the Medicare Billing Plan including teletransmission and auto-reconciliation.

CareOffice is a Windows application and runs under any 32-bit or 64-bit variant of the following Windows versions: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

CareBiller (Ontario)

The CareBiller (Ontario) System from Carefile® Medical Systems Inc. provides a complete electronic billing system supporting Ontario Ministry of Health requirements.

All claims, along with patient and doctor data, are saved on your computer allowing you to generate complete reports as well as perform retrospective studies (using CareView).

All remittance advice and reconciliation reports are maintained on-line for future reference.

CareBook (DOS)

The CareBook was created specifically for the medical environment. It allows the user to enter all patient appointments. Once entered, these appointments can be copied, rescheduled or cancelled at the touch of a key.

A user may manage up to 1000 schedules and display up to three at any one time. An appointment may be easily copied and/or moved between any two schedules.

The multi-user version of the system is especially useful in the situation where several secretaries are scheduling more than one individual. The system allows schedules to be viewed or updated from any station on the network.


CareView is used to perform population oriented studies on the CareBiller billing database.

These studies allow extraction of any demographic data, such as birth date, phone number or sex, and/or any billing data item, such as billing code or billing amount. You may use these demographic and/or billing items to define your study population.

Both Windows and DOS versions are available.

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